Day 10 – Ears – #30DaysBodyPositive

I was born with a hearing defect, although the cause has never been determined. One ear only hears the highest part of the sound register, and the other compensates.

I may never know what perfect hearing sounds like, as one of my Dumbo-sized head-appendages is largely for symmetry, and the left one does all the work. I’ve never known what I’m missing.

They stick out from my head well enough to tuck my hair behind. They support the arms of glasses. They aren’t sensitive to metals and can rock some badass earrings. They turn red when I am angry or embarrassed, which is kind of adorable.

My wonky hearing enables me to shut out extraneous noises for unparalleled focus and the ability to sort through threads of music. I can tell which top-row mezzo is rolling the vowel into the back of her throat, or which bass is a quarter step flat.

Thanks, ears. My job literally depends on you; please never quit on me.


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