Day 9 – Hands – #30DaysBodyPositive

Like a matched pair, today’s featured body part is my hands.

My hands are used to twenty-seven years of typing and piano. My fingers may be callused, but they are still generally clean & tapered and handle loads of rapid fine motor function.

There is no use in getting my nails done, ever, because of how the polish chips off the ends within a day of steady use. The one time in my life that I got long acrylic nails, I was consumed by frustration and ripped them off after three days (which hurts; I don’t advise it).

I’m also ambidextrous, which makes life easier in so many ways.

The palms are good for holding and cleaning things, and the fingers are deft with cooking utensils (as long as I don’t get too showy with the knife). The knuckles and wrists are strong, and have never broken (although there was I time I fell out of  top-bunk bed and landed on my right hand, spraining one finger… yeah. I’m tough).

My hands do lovely things when I am conducting. They also know their way around a darkened room and a companion’s body. All good things.


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